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Cut the admin.
Free your sales team.
Helping B2B companies grow revenue without the burden of manual admin.

See what B2B eCommerce can do for you

The B2B ecommerce platform
that makes buying easy.

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Designed for your customers

Make buying easy, and selling comes naturally. Get an ecommerce portal that helps them manage their budgets and teams as they buy.

Flexible and fast to launch

Create a buying experience that’s off the shelf and ready to roll — with mix-and-match features to make your storefront your own.

Leave the admin behind

Connect your ecommerce website with your existing ERP. Share data automatically to save time and focus on growing your business.

We’re in the business of growing your business

Apparatus is the product of 20 years of B2B software development, designed to help wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors who sell to businesses with complex needs.

We built Apparatus to help SMEs as they evolve towards digital selling — with an ecommerce platform that puts the needs of their customers first.

B2B is changing. We’ve got the experience to help you change with it.

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Make buying easy
for your B2B customers

Apparatus takes everything that’s good about buying online — and expands it to work with complex B2B orders.


Give your customers more control with automated buying rules and user permissions

Budget Controls

Help your customers manage their budgets with limits, notifications, and reports

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Pricing Rules

Show the personalised prices you want each customer to see


Save time and stay accurate with direct links to your other systems

No transaction fees
(and no surprises)

Pay a fixed monthly cost that scales with your revenue. So as your business grows, your platform grows with it.

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Here’s how Apparatus helps sellers like you:

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