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Powerful ecommerce features
for B2B buyers and sellers
Get the automated tools that save time and do more — for your customers,
your teams, and your next big client.

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Everything you love about buying online…

Beautiful branding

Take orders and payments online through a stylish new website designed with your branding — to inspire your customers and impress your prospects.

Buying made easy

Create a buying experience that puts your customers first — with vibrant and engaging content, product listings packed with helpful content, and the tools to search and filter for exactly what they need.

Save time with linked systems

Connect your ecommerce site to your existing ERP with supported and custom integrations. Share data and automate tasks to cut down on admin and help your teams keep selling.

…with everything you need
for B2B selling.

Unique for each customer

Give every customer their own buying experience. Show them the products, ordering rules, and delivery arrangements that match the relationship you have with them.

Personalised pricing

Create custom price levels, quantity breaks, and discounts for each customer. Keep your pricing agreements private with a tailored storefront for each business that buys.

Built for scaling and expansion

Launch multiple online storefronts for different brands under your name. Grow seamlessly into new ecommerce tiers that scale with your revenue — with extra storefronts, users, and integrations.

Give your customers the
tools to make buying easy.

Simple budgeting
with customer controls

Help your customers to manage their teams’ spending, with rules and controls they create in your ecommerce site.

  • Automated rules for a hands-off approach - they can set it and forget it
  • Stress-free buying for your customers’ employees - your ecommerce site keeps their spending in check
  • Save your customers time and effort — no more checking budgets and tracking spending

Make it easy for your customers to manage their money, and they’ll keep coming back to spend it with you.

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Streamlined approvals for stress-free buying

Bring your customers’ processes to the platform they buy on - with custom rules and alerts between the buyer and their managers.

  • Make it easy for your customers to stick to their own policies
  • Help them save time with automated communication
  • Give them regular updates as their employees tick the right boxes

When you help your customers to be more productive, buying from you becomes an easy choice.

Cut down on admin for you
and your teams

Personalised experience for each customer

Show tailored pricing for each customer that logs in — with the range of products that matters to them. Keep your agreed prices private and hidden from your other customers.

  • Group your customers into pricing tiers, create automatic quantity breaks, and assign discount codes and vouchers
  • Display a personalised product range for each business, location, department, or user
  • Create special employee packs to make repeat purchases simple — such as workers’ uniforms or employee equipment.

With an ecommerce platform that handles the numbers, your teams can focus on what they do best.


Complete integration with any ERP

Apparatus talks directly to your existing ERP system, sharing data automatically to reduce your workload. It lets your ERP take the lead with its data — so you’ll only have one place to keep up to date.

  • Connect orders with your ERP — without lifting a finger
  • Fill your ecommerce site with accurate data automatically - around products, pricing, customers and order updates
  • Get integrations with any other ERP through our Supported and Managed Onboarding Services.

Take the hassle out of managing your data and your website — with an ecommerce platform that speaks to your systems.

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