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Is Artificial Intelligence the key to improved customer engagement?

If we take into account the obvious prevalence of artificial intelligence in today’s saturated marketplace of every single industry, the answer to this question will be apparent. The utilization of AI in SMEs is one of the dominating factors that affect their success, growth, or maybe even failure. When it comes to industries that have a great focus on customer experiences and relations - integrated AI solutions are crucial. You can try to ignore it, but being oblivious to the direct impact artificial intelligence has on customer engagement is rather pointless.

Live chats and 24/7 support is nothing to be surprised by anymore. Artificial intelligence now goes above and beyond the fundamental solutions to simplify the lives of thousands of eCommerce businesses. So, when asked if artificial intelligence is the key to improved customer engagement, there aren’t many alternatives to choose from. The answer is a strong “yes,” and is backed up by advantages you can no longer deny.

AI-driven data is personalized

While it might seem like nothing can beat the human touch in customer relations, artificial intelligence steps forward to prove us the opposite. With thousands of online users on your eCommerce platform, social media channels, email database and beyond - you simply cannot manage it all yourself.

A Forbes Insights and Pegasystems survey conducted with 200 top executives of US companies states that 100% of those companies religiously use AI to ensure better customer engagement.

Smart AI solutions offer the most tailored approach - based on client preferences, past experience, customer profiles, and other factors. This isn’t surprising, considering that 56% of top-performing companies actively invest in personalizing AI solutions. This way, customers are not only getting the treatment they need from a company, but those interactions keep improving based on data continuously collected from client experiences.

Know thy customer - know what they’ll need

Artificial intelligence was developed to drastically simplify the way companies communicate with and serve their customers. Once AI systems get ahold of a customer, they utilize their best features to gather all the necessary data in regards to that customer.

As a result, AI lets you know what your client likes, what he or she liked and did in the past. And based on all of that data, those innovative AI solutions are able to anticipate and tell you exactly what your clients are going to need. Futuristic or not, but monitoring and measuring campaign results and other metrics are no longer enough to deliver the best. Your customers will always need more. And the only way for you to get that “more” is to indulge in the benefits of artificial intelligence.

This way you get to create better campaigns and improved customer experiences by knowing what to offer, how to offer it, when, and where. This directly influences the customer engagement because customers love being delivered what they wanted, but haven’t even had the chance to voice out to you.

What can AI do for your eCommerce business?

Ecommerce platforms and other smart solutions help you do a better job. As an eCommerce business, your entire work is based on effective customer relations. Which is why such platforms allow you to organize your work more efficiently.

With the integration of AI into your website, you can now have the ideal balance of:

  • Productive sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Monitoring,
  • Customer support,
  • Predictive behavioral analytics,
  • Competitive advantage,
  • Empowered staff - the benefits are obvious and diverse.
These types of platforms offer a whole new level of user-driven experiences. One of the most outstanding features an AI solution can provide for an eCommerce business is mobile integration. Users need fast and painless access to everything they need, whenever they need it. ECommerce should be a convenient experience. Not a hassle.

AI's secret weapon

AI is beyond powerful. It feeds on information. That information is then transformed into valuable analytics that allows for companies to improve their performances. With eCommerce businesses, such insights are pivotal for various reasons. Possessing precise data on the needs of your customers will provide you with the best tool to increase conversions and guarantee superb customer retention.

A research by Gartner does suggest that by 2020, 85% of customer interaction processes will be managed without human interference. For a bold statement that sounds a little bit scary at first, this poses a huge potential for artificial intelligence integration into your own eCommerce platform. Denying this will only set you back by too many points to risk it.

In the eCommerce industry, almost every player knows the importance of customer engagement. Most of them are already taking advantage of AI’s full potential to get the best out of their efforts and resources. AI is, indeed, the key to improved customer engagement because having your customers engage with your brand is now possible mainly through nurturing them via the data AI collects and utilizes for your business.