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5 Ways E-Commerce Sites Should Use Social Media

There are few marketing tools as capable as social media of giving you the power to reach your customers and connect with them on a personal level. The benefits reach far beyond simply brand growth and recognition. Social media pages are quickly becoming commerce portals, giving you the ability to direct new customers to your website. Read ahead for 5 e-commerce ideas for utilizing social media to your advantage.

1. Connect with your audience
Social media gives you another avenue to reach a new segment of customers and simultaneously engage with your current audience. But what social media platforms should you be on? To answer this question, you must determine the demographics of your target audience and subsequently what social media platform they frequent.

2. Integrate social media into your marketing strategy
A complete marketing strategy certainly does not stand solely upon social media, but when used as a portion of your strategy you can reap great benefits. Social media can be utilized in multiple steps of the sales cycle, whether you're focusing on customer acquisition, sales, or returning customers.

3. Utilize paid social media
With some social media platforms, specifically Facebook, the ranking algorithms can seem difficult to crack. Paid social media not only gives you a boost in the rankings, but it allows you to segment and target your desired audience, making your social media efforts more effective.

4. Share don't sell
When creating social media content, it is important to showcase the best in your brand and create quality content that is useful to your customer. Demonstrate the value of your brand on social media -- don't just use it to generate sales traffic. Another way to differentiate yourself on social media is to have reviews visible and be sure to interact with followers and participate in their discussions.

5. Set goals and track your progress
Once you take the step of setting up your social media platforms, it's time to put some goals and tracking mechanisms in place. A few things you should determine are how many followers you want, how much traffic should be driven to your website, the ratio of visitors to conversions, and the quantity and type of posts. Set up tracking mechanisms to check in on your progress at least on a monthly basis to see how you're measuring up to your goals.

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