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Use Email Templates to Generate Product Reviews

For retail based e-commerce sites, online reviews are king. And they can be tough to get at first. Customers are hesitant to be the first person to review, and if a product has many reviews they may not feel it necessary to add theirs. Make the review process easier for your customers by tailoring the email templates provided by your e-commerce platform carefully curating automated emails.

1. Send Follow Up Emails

Go by the rule of 3's.

Email 1 - customer order confirmation

Email 2 - shipping notification

Email 3 - once your system confirms order delivery, send a third email thanking the customer and linking to where products can be reviewed. Depending on your company voice this could include anything from a 'hand-crafted' letter from the CEO, to a fun company mascot delivering a thank you card, to a simple, clean confirmation that an order was delivered. However you deliver the message, make sure you include an easy path to review once the product is in hand. 

2. Incentivise

Offer coupon codes or added value items in exchange for a review on your website. Include instructions and links for placing a review on all e-communication. If you have new products that need reviews, consider a larger incentive for those items. If a specific product review page is saturated, set-up the template to leave off that information until the reviews are old enough that new reviews are needed.

3. Encourage Social Participation

Social media is an excellent place to focus on customer service reviews over product based reviews. Make sure all email templates have links to every active company social site. Encourage customers to share their purchase on those sites. For the two main review sites - Facebook and Yelp - a basic, "Happy with your service? Review us on Facebook!" link will go a long way. 

It is important to include review calls-to-action as part of an overall customer service message. And remember, the review is not the end of the exchange. Every social media review requires a response, especially the bad ones. And, there will be bad ones! But the occasional bad review can be helpful in creating a more well rounded business persona. No company can make everyone happy all the time. The calm and kind way you respond to those bad reviews will tell customers who you really are.