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Online, Instore, Mobile - Omnichannel

Companies are examining omni-channel's importance and whether or not they need to run after what they might view as an e-commerce trend. Customers no longer look at a linear path when they're purchasing products online. They're doing research on their tablet in bed. They can do further research on their phone as they ride the bus to work and finally place an order on a desktop or maybe even in some embedded or wearable device.

At the end of a process, a customer may have touched five different devices. In each one of those, the customer wants to carry forward seamlessly and ensure that the process continues along. The customers become more aware, and they want to engage with the companies. They like knowing that a company is helping them research and assist them to complete an order properly. Ultimately, they grow an allegiance to the brand and those sites that support their processes.

Omni-channel is essential when looking at emergence of real mobile purchasing, particularly out of the younger demographic of 18-24. These people now spend about ten percent of their income on purchases by e-commerce channels. This is a huge change over of a primary channel or adjacent primary channel for electronic commerce spending.

So, it's not enough for a company to use mobile friendly or mobile savvy systems, but also mobile first and mobile-centric. A successful company should provide e-commerce solutions that supports e-commerce either side by side and maybe even constantly changing the strategy. Picking a platform that supports mobility, mobile options for mobile web, and app development is an effective strategy. Contact us for more e-commerce insights.