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Omnichannel Commerce Expands with Radial

The multichannel approach to sales called omnichannel is a concept that the average person uses on a daily basis but likely has never heard of. Radial, a new joint venture between eBay Enterprise and Innotrac, is preparing to deliver true omnichannel commerce to the masses.

What is Radial?

eBay and Innotrac now form the biggest omnichannel provider in the world through Radial, but what does that mean for you? Established companies like DSW and GameStop already use the technology; they just don't make a huge deal of it. However, omnichannel commerce through Radial will now provide consumers with an even easier way to buy products from any platform. Spending money has never been easier.

What is Omnichannel Technology?

Omnichannel technology is the procedure that gives consumers a seamless commercial experience with a brand no matter where that customer engages the brand - from a mobile phone, a social media site or a brick and mortar store. As the lines of communication expand, companies will spend up to $20 million to ensure that their brand connects with customers as a single entity on all of these platforms. This branding is omnichannel technology. Consumers will be able to buy from any platform, pick up products anywhere and return those products anywhere as well. The recent merger guarantees that Radial will be at the center of this still growing technology.

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