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Ecommerce Statistics Reveal Online Success

e-Commerce statistics and trends relating to the European market reveal a positive picture. According to an analysis of last year's cross-border e-commerce activity in the EU, the share of "shoppers in the EU buying online from other EU member states was higher than the share of those buying from the rest of the world." This is good news for states that hope to keep their money within the Union where it can do the most good for the population as a whole.

Meanwhile, online sales are so good in the UK that there are worries about supply chain management. According to Motor Transport, a site dedicated to the movement of British goods, "The UK’s warehouse property stock will have vanished by the end of the decade due to demands from internet retailers, unless there is an unprecedented increase in construction."

It's probably just as well, then, that a recent Forbes Magazine report shows that "just 56% of UK small online businesses have capitalised on international sales, compared to 64% in France and 61% in Spain."

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