blog / Apple Pay e-commerce Integration

For the millions of customers who use their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices for their shopping experiences, there is great news! Apparatus Cloud Commerce will soon offer Apple Pay integration for our customers. Additionally, customers will be able to provide shipping and contact information with just one touch. The integration of Apple Pay and Apparatus Cloud Commerce will offer:

It is anticipated that offering Apple Pay on the web will result in increased revenue for retailers by making it more convenient for customers to buy instead of just browsing. It is expected that the use of Apple Pay will prevent customers from abandoning their carts when their shipping and payment information has to be entered.

Our goal is to help you increase conversion rates and make the e-commerce  process as simple as possible. Let us help you further build customer loyalty by offering transactions that are both easy and private.

For more information about how Apple Pay on the web can benefit you, please contact us today.